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Chanel Mings, 21 (Montreal)

"Black is the New Black" by Miyuki Ohashi
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My comment on some stupid makeup-shaming post

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Hannah Grant People who are really into makeup, as I suspect many of the women from the original post are, share a community. It’s an art form. One of the nice ladies I followed on Instagram when makeup was my thing said something I really loved. Can’t remember the exact wording, but it went something like this. “When you find a man who accepts you without makeup…and with it, that’s when you’ve got a keeper.” I’m not sure if I would base an entire relationship off of that but it has truth to it. Women know that most men prefer little to no makeup. Besides it being in every magazine, men seem to be physically unable to stop talking about it. It isn’t a secret, it isn’t something that we just fail to realize when we wake up every morning and ready ourselves for the opposite sex’s pleasure. We know, and we don’t care. Because it isn’t for them. Heck when I wore a lot of makeup even I thought I looked better with less, but I did it because it was fun and I enjoyed doing it. Of course the men in my family could never understand that, and though they meant well their ignorant comments did nothing but exasperate me.

That said, there are many women that do wear makeup out of insecurity. I seriously doubt they are the same ones that wear a lot. As well as that I would hope most people are intelligent enough to pick up on other signs of insecurity and be able to differentiate between artists and under-confident girls. Apparently not.


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 -do not circumcise your babies!!

-just do not do it!!

I’m honestly baffled that so many parents pay for their children to be mutilated having done little to no research. If they had done any they would know that there are literally no proven benefits other than making it slightly easier to clean. Cleanliness prevents tons of bad things (obviously), so that’s what you see if you look up why people should do it. I’ve also heard people say that they’re going to do it just so their child won’t be made fun of. ??????????????????????? wow what???Is that your choice to make? I think your nose is ugly I should probably just get it cut off before you’re old enough to decide for yourself.


Gorgeous Glass Sculpture of a Wave Frozen at Mid-Crest
By Mario Ceroli